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Chiropractor Mission Viejo CA Zachary Cadman

Founder & Chiropractor

Zachary Cadman D.C.

Dr. Zachary Cadman is the son of Dr. Scott Cadman who is the owner and chiropractor at Cadman Chiropractic in Fontana, CA, and has been serving patients since 1987. Through high school, Dr. Zac ran cross-country, track, and wrestled. He was involved in scouting and earned his Eagle Scout award.

He always knew he wanted to be a chiropractor, but really discovered his passion for chiropractic while he interned at his father’s chiropractic office, where he got to meet patients whose lives were changed through chiropractic care. He graduated from Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Zac was able to serve for local chiropractic offices during his time at Life University. He then was able to learn and practice at 2 large chiropractic offices.

During chiropractic college, Dr. Zac joined the Pierce Results Systems Club which taught him to focus on objective findings to help patients get the help their body needs when it needs it. Dr. Zac is excited to be helping the Mission Viejo Community and other surrounding communities here in South Orange County through specific, scientific, and neurologically-based chiropractic techniques. Seeing his patients achieve their health goals brings him immense happiness.

Chiropractic Mission Viejo CA Ashley Cadman Office Manager

Co-Founder & Office Manager

Ashley Cadman

Ashley is the co-founder of ADIO Chiropractic. She grew up in Southern California. She ran cross country and track through middle school and high school. During her high school years, she experienced a couple of injuries, which led her to go to the chiropractor for the first time. She went on and off to her chiropractor for pain and headaches until she met her husband, Dr. Zac.

Dr. Zac and Ashley got married in August 2013 and shortly after moved to Georgia where Dr. Zac attended Chiropractic College. While Dr. Zac was in school Ashley learned more about chiropractic care and how it could help her. She received regular, principled, chiropractic care through Dr. Zac. Ashley experienced the benefits of principled, chiropractic care and no longer has headaches or neck pain. Ashley also experienced the benefits of principled, chiropractic care during her pregnancy with Lukas; she experienced an easy, comfortable, and pain-free pregnancy.

Ashley is excited to be at ADIO Chiropractic helping serve the Mission Viejo Community and other surrounding South Orange County Communities in health and healing. She looks forward to helping more people in the community live a healthy life with healing from Above, Down, Inside, Out.

Chiropractic Mission Viejo CA Lukas Cadman Greeter


Lukas Cadman

Lukas is Dr. Zac and Ashley’s son; he is 3 years old. He loves playing, laughing, jumping, running, smiling, and being with people. Lukas is in the office often and will be happy, smiling, and ready to greet you and your kids. Lukas loves kids of all ages and will be excited to play with your kids while in the office. 

Lukas has been receiving regular, principled chiropractic care through Dr. Zac since he was a newborn. As a newborn, Lukas had some trouble with nursing and had thrush twice. The first time, Dr. Zac and Ashley took him to the pediatrician where it was confirmed that he had thrush. They were told that there was no natural way to get rid of thrush and Lukas absolutely had to take medicine to abate the thrush. After taking the medicine, the thrush came back and Dr. Zac and Ashley decided to try chiropractic care and a probiotic for Lukas. Through regular, principled, chiropractic care and the probiotic, the thrush went away and stayed away!

When nursing, Lukas would cause his mom pain. With regular, principled, chiropractic care, his nursing improved. After finding out that Lukas had a lip tie, he had a revision at 9 months old. Lukas stuck with regular, principled, chiropractic care and his nursing improved even more. He no longer caused his mom pain.

Lukas loves his Mission Viejo Community and surrounding areas in South Orange County, and can’t wait to make more friends at the office.

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