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Chiropractic Superheros!

The superheros here at ADIO Chiropractic are

Dr. DD Palmer, Dr. BJ Palmer, and Dr. Vern Pierce!


DD Palmer - The Founder of Chiropractic

Palmer believed that the human body had ample supply of natural healing power transferred through the nervous system. He proposed that if any one organ was affected by an illness, it must have not been receiving its normal “nerve supply” which he called a “spinal misalignment,” or subluxation. He saw chiropractic as a form of realigning to reestablish the supply.D.D. Palmers office was located in Davenport, Iowa. In 1896, he encountered the building’s janitor, Harvey Lillard, whom Palmer determined had a substantial lump in his back. Lillard’s hearing was severely impaired and Palmer proposed that the lump and his hearing deficits were connected. Palmer treated Lillard and successfully restored his hearing. 


BJ Palmer - The Developer of Chiropractic B.J. Palmer was the son of D.D. Palmer.He fought for the creation of a separate licensing and regulatory boards of chiropractic allowing for it to be acknowledged not as a method of medical practice, but as a separate entity. B.J. Palmer continued to develop the science, art, and philosophy of the profession. He supported the scientific advancement of chiropractic as the primary path to its acceptance. B.J. Palmer furthered the profession by using science to validate and explain chiropractic.Through his leadership chiropractic became the first health care profession to regularly use x-rays, which enhanced the science and accuracy of chiropractic. 

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.” 


Vern Pierce

The Founder of The Pierce Results System

Chiropractic wasn't just his profession, it was his life. Dr. Vern Pierce strived to find a better, more efficient way/ways to locate a subluxation and to correct the subluxation. He continuously evolved his chiropractic technique to help his patients. Dr. Vern Pierce realized that those who had a total reversal of the curve in their neck when he adjusted their C5, he would get fantastic changes almost immediately on some people. He studied the spine more and discovered that C5 is not always the problem, and that sometimes it may be C4, C6 or other problems in the cervical spine. He didn't have a technique, he had a results system. Dr. Vern Pierce incorporated a lot of insight from other chiropractors and different sources, but his coordinating it all into a system had to do with the reasoning and rationale for his rhyme and reason of knowing when to adjust and when not to adjust. He always knew what he was doing when he would adjust somebody. If there was any doubt, he waited. Which is why he always got the results that he did.

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