Our Technique

Pierce Results System

Chiropractic care has come a long way in the last 100 years. Occasionally there are new techniques introduced that can provide more specific adjustments and more effective chiropractic care. The increase in technology has helped in chiropractic advancements since we can now know more about the human body.

Dr. Zac uses the Pierce Results Systems chiropractic technique. 

Dr. Zachary Cadman is currently one of approximately 60 Doctors of Chiropractic to practice the Pierce Results System in the US. Dr. Zac is the only Pierce Result Systems Chiropractor in Mission Viejo and South Orange County. 

What is the

Pierce Results System?

The Pierce Results System is a bio-mechanical analysis of spine motion utilizing digital stress view x-rays of the spine to determine the loss of spine function, which is at the core of the vertebral subluxation complex. A vertebral subluxation complex is when a spinal bone is out of proper alignment resulting in pressure, irritation and even damage to the nerve.

This system was not developed at one time, but rather evolved over time from other techniques, such as the Toggle Recoil Technique

(Upper Cervical), Logan Basic, Thompson, and Reaver Systems. 

This system allows adjustments to be more precise and therefore patients get better results at a faster rate than other techniques. Patients who couldn't go to work because they were in too much pain can now go back to work or patients who couldn't get down and play with a grand child because of balance issues can now get down and enjoy playing with their grand child. The Pierce Results System focuses on the complex relationship between the nervous-system and overall function of the patient. The aim of the Pierce Results System is to correct spinal misalignments at a neurological level providing a gentle approach. The Pierce Results System allows the spine to be adjusted in a neutral position with pinpoint accuracy. This allows patients of any age to receive a specific adjustment without any twisting, popping, or cracking like traditional chiropractic.

The Pierce Results System allows for even faster and more sustainable results.

Dr. Zac is happy to serve the Mission Viejo and South Orange County Communities with health and healing from Above, Down, Inside, Out using a technique that is immensely specific to give his patients the best results.