Long-Term Relief

Chiropractic care is focused on helping your

body use the incredible innate healing abilities it has.

The nervous system plays a major role in your health and wellness, Dr. Zac in Mission Viejo, CA looks to the nervous system and uses the innovative methods that can prevent injury and alleviate pain by getting to the root cause of any problems you may have

Your body is a complex system just like an engine or computer, you will find that when one part is not working as it should, it can impact other areas of your body. In order to get true correction getting to the underlying health issue instead of covering up the pain with medication or surgery is the answer. Just because you are experiencing back pain does not mean that the problem is only located in that specific area. Dr. Zac cares for the whole body using non-invasive, but effective techniques that not only relieve pain, but also improve overall health and increase total well-being.

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An Alternative to the

Sick Care Health Model

If you have ever been to a traditional doctor, you are probably familiar with the sick care health model that urges people to visit a doctor only when sick or in pain rather than using proactive measures to prevent the health issue from happening in the first place. When masking pain and injuries with medication, you may find your body does not heal the way it was designed to, and this can cause future complications and long-term issues.

The Principled Chiropractic

Corrections Approach

Here at ADIO Chiropractic here in Mission Viejo, we take a non-invasive and natural method to recovery, health, and preventative measures. Your body is incredible at healing when given the chance and the means to do so, Dr. Zac is committed to going beyond temporary relief. Using spinal adjustments and focusing on the communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body, Dr. Zac helps your body communicate better within itself to improve function and show improvements within the framework. You will notice this in your daily life when your body has full mobility and your health is at optimal levels.