Frequently Asked Questions in Mission Viejo

Find the answers below to the most frequently asked questions about chiropractors in Mission Viejo. Having the answers to these key questions can help you choose the right Mission Viejo chiropractor for you. If you don't see the answer below to a question you have, reach out to ADIO Chiropractic at (949) 427-9081 and our team can help!

How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic works with the knowledge that your body is capable of anything. Your body is constantly breaking down and rebuilding itself. We help the body communicate properly with the brain so it then can have the communication to make the needed changes for your body to heal itself. Yes the adjustments do literally move stuck joints in the spine but what that does is the bigger picture. It removes aberrant or bad communication and increases lost communication. This lets your body once again have the big picture on what needs to be done and starts the healing process. I love watching the body do what it was created to do. HEAL ITSELF! Amazing.

I Didn't Hear A Sound. Does That Mean The Adjustment Didn't Work?

Not at all. There are some people who I say are addicted to the crack. But often with most adjustments there is no crack or pop.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Visits?

There could be probably a couple pages on this one. If you are in a car crash I will say yes for sure you are covered. I also recommend everyone get higher policies for your car insurance because it's very inexpensive to increase your medical coverage on your car policy and when you need it you do not want to rely on your normal health insurance because that is hard to use and they really limit you.

So does typical health insurance cover chiropractic care. Our office is in network with most insurance companies. They cover some services and some care. Never go in thinking they are going to cover any and everything even if they say you have an unlimited amount of chiropractic visits. It is a half truth. You have some care covered but will have to pay some out of pocket and most plans don’t cover past 8-12 visits regardless of how many visits they say you get and they may not cover everything during those visits.

Most insurance agents do not know what they are talking about when they tell you your chiropractic coverage. Even some people who work at the insurance companies don’t know because they are not the ones paying the bills they are just the people who are selling you that their plans are great when most are not. So the best advice I have for anyone who wants to know what insurance to get to cover chiropractic is don’t give money to a big corporation expecting to get more out then you put in. So Have a higher deductible, pay less to them and go to the chiropractor you want to and know you will be paying out of pocket.

How Safe Is Chiropractic?

Yes, very. Our malpractice insurance is I think the lowest of all the health fields. Why? Because we are the safest. We are not shooting you with drugs that may kill you. Not cutting up your spine which may kill or permanently paralyze you. We are not putting you on addictive drugs that make you more likely to become a heroin or other drug user then get out of pain. What is one of the leading causes of death in the United States of America? Care you will get from your MD.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe While I'm Pregnant?

Yes and has been very beneficial for many pregnant mothers. Your body is going through a lot of changes and sometimes needs some help along the way. I am Webster certified and have taken perinatal classes to adjust pregnant women.

Can I Become Addicted To Chiropractic Adjustments?

As in all things that are healthy people can say it's addictive or you can say it’s healthy. Is eating healthy everyday addictive? Yes, if you realize how good you feel and then eat something bad your body will act differently and you will notice the change to a less healthy state. When you work out consistently you are healthier and your body will make you feel better. Same thing with chiropractic. When you are adjusted regularly you are healthier and feel better. Some people come in every week or every other week. Some people every three weeks and some once a month. I absolutely recommend you come in so your spine doesn’t look like a train wreck and then your only option is surgery or drugs because you waited too long and there may not be anything we can do. If chiropractic is addictive I would say it's a healthy addiction or habit every person should have as a part of a healthy lifestyle. If you just want to come in for pain and leave then after your corrective care plan is done you don’t have to come back till you are in pain again but most choose some frequency because they like feeling healthy. 

Is Chiropractic Safe For Children?

Yes, and we don’t adjust kids the same way we adjust adults. Depending on the age they are analyzed differently and adjusted differently. Sick kids become sick adults. Don’t make your kids go through that. Be a good parent. Help them eat good food, exercise, use their mind and get adjusted. Most kids need less frequent care and heal much faster than adults. Sounds easy but as a father of 2 I know sometimes you need to pay a little attention to what they are eating because if they spend time at grandmas a lot they might already be getting more sweets than you like. So when my son who is 4 asks for something sweet I make sure we have some yummy strawberries or something on hand. At my house we typically always have strawberries, blueberries and one other fruit on hand so there is always something sweet to eat.

How Much Schooling Does A Chiropractor Have?

It can very slightly but most have equivalent to a bachelor degree in a basic science and then a doctorate in chiropractic. SO around 8 years or more of college level courses. There are also the yearly 24 credit hours of classes that we take in California to maintain our Licence and then for chiropractors like myself I take X-Rays so I take an additional 10 hours of X-Ray classes. I am also Webster certified so that was an additional class I took and test passed. I typically go to 2-3 other seminars a year to learn how to improve my adjusting and how to better care for patients.

Can I See A Chiropractor If I've Had Back Surgery?

Yes but I will definitely take some X-Rays so I can see what the surgeon did and where I can help the most. Some surgeons are great and it's easy to work with their work. Some surgeons' work makes us have to modify some of our techniques and how we adjust you but often can still provide some great care.

How Long Will It Take To Work?

Because chiropractic is not a drug that works instantly to cover up your body's problems we can’t say how long it would take. We are working with what is given to us. Some people come in and say well it's my age, don’t all people my age look like this. That is not true. I have patients in their late 60 who have no arthritis or degeneration in the neck and some who have it so bad I am limited to what I can do. We can help both but the one with more will react differently then the other. So until I see you, examine you fully and go over your case I can not say how long it will take. It also depends on what you are looking to get out of the care. Is it out of pain or is it moving better so you can play with your kids or grandkids again. For some they want a healthy lifestyle. Others if they just get some relief they are happy to no longer rely on drugs. I will recommend what is best for you and we will go from there.

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